How often do I dry clean Curtains and Carpets?

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Curtains and Carpets- The décor sentinels of every home. Though more than a décor item, they are an absolute necessity for every home. Curtains prevent dust and allergens from entering our home, so does the carpet. Both, at the same time, adding grace and beauty to our living space.

Unfortunately, both of them get a little overlooked by us in terms of care and cleaning. A regular cleaning routine would keep them fresh. But how often is optimum cleaning? In what intervals should we clean our curtains and carpets?

Check the instructions on your curtains whether they are machine wash or dry clean only. If the curtains are of silk or any other delicate fabric, we would strongly recommend using dry cleaning. Even if the instructions say machine wash, it can be a real tedious job to take off, wash, dry, iron and hang back those heavy pieces of fabric. To skip the labor, head on to a professional cleaning service.

Carpets can be regularly dusted at home with a carpet brush. They can be periodically cleaned via wet vacuuming at home or by professional cleaners. However, there are some scenarios where you’ll need more frequent cleaning for the carpets and curtains.

  • High levels of dust in the area: If you live in a particularly dusty area, the curtains and carpets would absorb more dust and allergens. Hence, you would need to clean them more often.
  • Allergic family member: If you or someone in the family is allergic, then you might need to clean your curtains and carpets a little more often since these two things absorb the maximum amount of dust and allergens. There are also cases when during monsoons or winters mold is formed on the curtain/carpet. Besides acting as an allergen, these molds can also damage your fabric even permanently.
  • Smoker: If there's a smoker in the family, the curtains are prone to absorbing a lot of smoke particles and also the smell of smoke. Over time, the curtains may also turn yellowish. In such cases, it is best to keep your curtains cleaned frequently.
  • Living close to the sea: While living close to the sea has its own beautiful advantages, it does have its own share of disadvantages too. The salty water can wreak havoc on your walls, window panes, hair, and skin too. The curtains that deal with the breeze all day are sure to deposit a lot of salt.

In all such aforementioned cases where the curtains need to be cleaned frequently, we would recommend buying easy to handle, machine wash curtains. If at all they are the more delicate ones, do use professional services

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