Tips to prevent clothes from fading

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Your faded jeans might be the latest fad but otherwise faded clothes are a big turn-off. Imagine you buy an expensive dress and it fades out in just one wash. Or there’s an heirloom, some wedding dress that you want to preserve for a couple of decades, as memory, and it fades out. These instances can be really heart-wrecking. Though a lot depends on the quality of your fabric and dress, we have put together some tips to take care of your clothes and prevent them from fading.

  • Follow the instructions: Clothes should be handled as per the instructions given on their tag. The kind of wash, dry, and storage instructions it says, follow them completely. If it says home wash, please follow the home wash instructions, and if it says dry clean only, please do not try your hands on detergent wash.
  • Wash Light- Check your washer settings. Wash according to the soilage, don’t follow heavy wash setting if the soilage is low. The lengthier and more vigorous the wash cycle, the more wear and tear it causes for the fabric.
  • Skip the dryer if possible. Though it seems convenient, using a dryer makes your fabric look dull even if it is still full of color. So, as far as possible, air dry the clothes that you want to save from looking dull.
  • Wash the clothes inside out. When you do that, the opposite side of the cloth bears the brunt of the washer. The twisting, turning and washing, are all taken by the flipside of the cloth and hence, the visible side remains bright.
  • Skip washing clothes as far as possible: While it might not be possible always, but if the garment is worn just a few times, skip washing it and rather let it air out. Washing adds to the wear and tear of the fabric. The more you wash, the more faded it gets.
  • If at all washing is the only option, always use a fabric conditioner. It acts as a lubricant for the fabric. Less friction, less wearing down, less fading.
  • Another magic potion for fabric care is Vinegar. Add half a cup of vinegar to each wash cycle. It acts as a natural conditioner. Don’t worry about the smell. It washes away with the wash cycle.
  • The first time when you wash your beloved fabric…add a little salt to the water. It locks up the colors.
  • Sort the clothes in different loads. Light colors, dark colors, white black, etc. However good the quality, white does not remain bright white after washing with the other load.
  • If at all you need to wash all the clothes in one load, use cold water. Hot water breaks down the fibers that make clothes look dull and faded. On the other hand, cold water prevents color from bleeding. Also, use a mild detergent that works well with cold water
  • 1For expensive and party wear clothes, use dry cleaning only.

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